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Our Membership Benefits

  • Discounted registration fees to Arab-SPCAN educational activities
  • Recognition in the field through the Arab-SPCAN prestigious awards
  • Priority to travel bursaries if the member resides in a third world country
  • Access to the online video library for future Arab-SPCAN conferences starting from 2020
  • Access to the E learning and webinars
  • Ability to share knowledge amongst experts in the field through reaching out to other members in the Arab-SPCAN directory
  • Invitation to physical and online Arab-SPCAN General Assemblies
  • Contribution and credit for achievement towards Arab-SPCAN advocacy programs based on locality

Membership Termination

  • Membership shall not be obscured from any professional because of their race, religion, gender, nationality, country of origin or political affiliation.
  • Membership shall be terminated by voluntary withdrawal or voluntary resignation while is to be communicated to the administrative body of the society.
  • Membership shall be terminated in the case the member is found to be in breach of any of the membership terms and conditions.
  • Membership shall be terminated if the member commits explicit offenses that harm the society or cause harm to its objectives and activities
  • In the cases referred to in points 3 & 4 above, the member shall be notified of freezing their membership by the administrative committee until the next General Assembly meeting. Thus, the member shall be entitled to appeal through the Advisory Body or the General Assembly Conference or both.

Our Membership Terms

  • Membership is for every professional working in sectors concerned with child protection from violence in Arab countries and for any professional who holds any nationality of the Arab countries working internationally (non-Arab countries) in sectors concerned with child protection from violence.
  • Membership will have the purpose to agree with the society’s purpose in achieving its vision, mission, and objectives.
  • Each member has the right to be nominated and elected to become part of the board of the ARAB-SPCAN.
  • Members are to maintain the spirit of voluntary work among each other in society.
  • No member shall be entitled to represent ARAB-SPCAN without a mandate from the administrative body of the society.

Membership Statement

ARAB-SPCAN membership is for individual professionals and not for institutions. To enhance the joint role of professionals in achieving the vision, mission and goals of ARAB-SPCAN, each member has the right to be nominated and elected to the administrative body.

ARAB-SPCAN membership is USD 25 per annum

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