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To achieve the vision, mission and goals of the Society, it works on:
  • Holding the annual scientific conference of the Assembly every two years
  • Holding specialized training programs in the areas of prevention and protection against violence against children
  • Develop and develop training packages for Arab professionals in the field of prevention and protection against violence against children, suitable for our Arab and Islamic community
  • Provide opportunities for exchange visits to child protection institutions in the Arab world and short-term training venues and support existing of places for training field for Typical child protection services
  • The Society provides the scientific environment to review the ethical codes of the professions of the concerned sectors to demonstrate their suitability for dealing with violence against children
  • The Society provides scientific tools to serve as a reference for Arab professionals in cases of violence against thorny children
  • Establish standard standards for child protection services in the Arab world
  • Establishment of an interactive website for the association, including e-mail lists, and an electronic newspaper for activities related to violence against children in the Arab States