The Arab-Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect was founded in 2004 after its first Arab conference in the Kingdom of Jordan and continued its development at its second conference in Sana’a in 2007 and its third conference in Saudi Arabia in Riyadh in 2009. The Arab Society adopts all the Arab, Islamic and international efforts, both governmental and voluntary, in the field of the rights of the child and protecting him against any violation of his or her rights or violates it. The Association focuses on the training of Arab professionals in the social, legal, health, educational and media sectors in the field of prevention and protection against violence against children, depending upon Arab cultural and cultural values, international and Islamic conventions and conventions, the initiatives of governmental institutions and civil society institutions, And judicial.

The Association was registered in 2012 in the State of Lebanon by Decree No. 8423 and its current Executive Office in Kuwait.


Vision: “An Arab world free from violence against children”.

Mission: “Ensure that children in the Arab world enjoy a non-violent environment, that violence against them is unacceptable in any form and anywhere, and that the efforts of the professional sectors to prevent and protect against violence against children are consistently and harmoniously promoted.”

The objectives of the Association is to support professionals in the sectors concerned to achieve the following:

  1. Enhance the knowledge and skills of professionals who deal with children in general and who deal with children exposed to risk factors and children who have been exposed to violence and professionals who provide treatment, rehabilitation and social integration services.
  2. Adopting systematic and multisectoral frameworks at the national level in all Arab countries to address violence against children.
  3. Ban all forms of violence against children in the legislation of Arab States, ensure accountability and end impunity for perpetrators.
  4. Adopting and supporting Arab countries’ efforts to provide protection, treatment and rehabilitation services to victims and their families.
  5. Ensure that child violence reporting systems and services are accessible and appropriate for their age.
  6. Develop and implement systematic systems to collect national data on violence against children and conduct research in prevention and protection from Violence against children.
  7. Primary prevention of violence by addressing its roots and causes, and changing prevailing cultures that condone violence against children.

To achieve the vision, mission and goals of the Society, it works on:

  1. Holding the annual scientific conference of the Assembly every two years.
  2. Holding specialized training programs in the areas of prevention and protection against violence against children.
  3. Develop and develop training packages for Arab professionals in the field of prevention and protection against violence against children, suitable for our Arab and Islamic community.
  4. Provide opportunities for exchange visits to child protection institutions in the Arab world and short-term training venues and support existing of places for training field for Typical child protection services.
  5. The Society provides the scientific environment to review the ethical codes of the professions of the concerned sectors to demonstrate their suitability for dealing with violence against children.
  6. The Society provides scientific tools to serve as a reference for Arab professionals in cases of violence against thorny children.
  7. Establish standard standards for child protection services in the Arab world.